Pedlol to beef up a ss amp?

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Re: Pedlol to beef up a ss amp?

Postby frigid midget » Mon Sep 11, 2017 5:18 pm

Fuzzrociouspedals wrote:
frigid midget wrote:Rats...What's out there in terms of quality clones? I know, a good old Proco Rat is probably the best bang for the buck, but I'm curious about the alternatives. Owned a bunch of different Rats over the last decades, I'm ready for some change, just for the hell of it.

Don't need any fancy extra options or anything, but a solution for the lack of low end at high gain settings would be awesome. So would small footprint and price tag be btw :)

The Fuzzrocious Cat Tail seems alright, but at $160 I'd expect a little more than a clone with a couple of mods I could probably do myself :idk:
If that's my best option, I might as well get a used Proco rat and mod it myself :idk:

Understandable, but do consider that having something painted over hours by hand comes into cost...if we weren't so handmade, it would reflect a lower price. Essentially any RAT-related pedal could be modded from a ProCo unit (possibly rehoused).

Yeah, I totally get why anyone would be into something like the cat tail, awesome pedal in it's own right.
Me though, I'm too poor/stinchy to give a shit about how my pedals look, and I'm handy enough with a soldering iron to remove a resistor or install and extra control/switch.

A rat is a rat I guess. You can tweak it or mod it, but other than seems like there's a fine line between ending up with either a modded rat or having a completely different dirt pedal :idk:
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Re: Pedlol to beef up a ss amp?

Postby JereFuzz » Tue Sep 12, 2017 7:06 pm

I didn't like my Rat2 through solid state amps. I bet the EHX HOT WAX would be a good option. The HOT TUBES warms up a solid state.

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