Pigtronix Infinity owners, noise issues?

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Pigtronix Infinity owners, noise issues?

Postby cloudsabove » Sat Nov 26, 2016 7:59 am

Hey you Pigtronix Infinity owners, do your units add noise?
I have to say that I love this looper, it's the best by far, but mine is unusable at stage volume because it adds a lot of hiss.
The hiss is audible only when I am playing at stage volume and it increases as I turn up the presence on my amps. To reduce the noise I put a clean boost in front of the Infinity and keep the volume of the Infinity way below unity gain. This minimizes the noise but do not solve the problem.
This happens with different amps, different cables, guitars, power adapters, sockets... and it is the same in my home and in my reharsal room.
I agree that white noise is common with digital effects, but this is a loud noise that I would expect only when I set the pedal for a gain boost, not below unity gain. I have the same noise with the tape saturation side of my Strymon Deco, but the noise starts to appear only when I am way over unity gain.
When I emailed Pigtronix about this issue, it wasn't clear if my unit was faulty or if it was the common behaviour of the pedal.

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