Glitch Computer clips

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Glitch Computer clips

Postby bigchiefbc » Tue Feb 02, 2010 1:32 pm

I was reorganizing my sound clips when I remembered I had these. I recorded these clips a long time ago, well over a year ago for some dudes over at Talkbass. I figured I should post them here, too. These were recorded on a Carvin LB75 bass: - Tracking at max, blend at noon. In this clip, I am playing notes mostly between the 7th and 15th frets on the D and G strings. This is the least chaotic setting, sounding still sort like notes you're playing. - Tracking at noon, blend at max. Much more chaotic now, starting to glitch a lot. - Tracking at min, blend at max. Complete chaos now, but I still think it can be musical in the right context. - Same knobs as previous clip, with a Devi Ever BIT (texture at 2:00) after it. Same chaos, but crunchier now. - Same knobs, this time with a Boss PH-3 (4-stage, slow rate, max depth) after. Swirly chaos, I like this. - Same knobs, now with an EHX Stereo Electric Mistress (both flanger and chorus depths at around 1:00) after. Metallic swooshy chaos.
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