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Postby insubordination » Tue Sep 01, 2015 12:22 am

Tom Dalton wrote:Got the tourbox from Bellyheart this week.


I'm really, really sorry to those who were on the list who didn't get it. :mope: :hug: But I just needed to call this one (and get it back while I had the chance!). It's been so long that literally everything in the tourbox has moved on to its next version or been scrapped.

Thanks to anyone who recorded demos or wrote about the pedals. My high hopes were for demos and forum chat, which would've really helped me get the word out on the well as user feedback that would help me better describe/recommend/answer email questions...but it came so infrequently that no momentum was really built. Almost every 1-week stop lasted 1-4+ months. Also, this tourbox was a redo of a previously failed tourbox that was held onto too long / lost in the mail / I don't remember... :facepalm:

I'm a small enough operation that things like this can really hurt. I had plans and releases on hold, waiting for the completion of the box. It threw a wrench into my plans for '14 - '15...luckily, by 2015, I'd given up and started fresh in a lot of ways, and 2015 has become my best year ever. It ends (continues) happily. :)

BTW, I'm NOT pointing fingers at anyone (if you're feeling shamed or singled-out, don't).
1) I thoroughly, genuinely understand that things happen and life is hard.
2) I'm not gonna remember your name / username and hold anything against you, or make it awkward at ILF family parties.

But yeah, that's it for tourboxes.

You are a much nicer and more forgiving person than I would be if I were in your position and had all this happen to me and my business. :thumb:
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