The Ronald Raygun (finally) Long form heavy psych?

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Re: The Ronald Raygun (finally) Long form heavy psych?

Postby aen » Mon Nov 07, 2016 6:03 pm

jwar wrote:Hey dude! Sorry I didn't stop in and say this sooner, but this shit is fucking amazing man. Any plan on doing an LP? I'd love one to match my other one! :)

Thanks dude!
If things change and we have a lot more touring time, and a lot more money there could be an LP in our future, but as it stands that's not feasible :(

monkeydancer wrote:Yeah don't worry about it! That "demo" has been one of my favourite jams since it was released so it's cool to hear the songs again recorded a bit different

WOOT! I'm really glad it's hitting the spot with some people. Seeing as it was written so long ago, we have to kind of resign ourselves to working some of those tracks into the new set, even though we are crazy about the new shit.
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