Discontinued Dwirfcret at Analogue Haven

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Discontinued Dwirfcret at Analogue Haven

Postby Eivind August » Fri Feb 26, 2016 5:46 am

Recently I discovered the Spectacular Aenima, and realized that I needed it for my atrocity exhibition of oscillating fooz. It was hard to find used, could only find a couple in Japan where used prices for Dwarfcraft are pretty insane (Boris?). Anyway, the first google result was Analogue Haven, and it was listed as 'in stock'. Thought it must be a mistake, so I e-mailed them. Turns out they actually had it, along with some other discontinued goodies. Soooo, if you're on the lookout for vintage Dwerfcrøvt goodies, check this page out:


friendship wrote:You motherfuckers think I won't fuck up a couple octoroks and assemble the Triforce?

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